We are still fundraising!

We estimate needing about $5000, which will cover cement, poles, poultry fencing, wire, the pyramid, a cover and supplies for the after-care/decompression/processing space, solar lights, stones for the grid, rental or purchase of any tools we can't borrow, and ongoing upkeep for the next few years. All labor is donated, and we are borrowing as many of the tools as we can, and upcycling/recycling/repurposing materials wherever possible. If we do not reach our goal, all of the collected money will still go into the project, it will just take us longer to get things done.

Donors will have the opportunity to participate in one of our future on-site workshops and will have their names listed as donors on our website. Other perks include a limited edition collectors' item merit badge, a digital copy of our gluten-free cooking for the holidays cookbook, and a finger labyrinth.


  • Donate $5 or more and get listed in the gratitude section of our website (unless you don't want to be).
  • Donate $20 and get a digital copy of Natara & Celina's mini-cookbook, "Gluten-Free Cooking for the Holidays"!
  • Donate $30 and get a merit badge (A limited edition embroidered patch with the triple spiral design of the labyrinth). Perfect size for a bag, jacket or hat!
  • Donate $40 and get a digital copy of Natara's book on a 40 day practice of Labyrinth Walks!
  • Help us by prepaying for a labyrinth workshop! We will be holding labyrinth workshops on site twice a year. Donors at the $100 level will be able to attend one of the workshops (food not included) in 2016-2017. If you are not local, this perk is transferable.