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We are building a large-scale, interactive art project that combines a triple spiral labyrinth with the transformative aspects of shamanic initiation. The three core members of the team are 'Natara, Angie, and Celina. We come from diverse backgrounds, and together we bring a strong background in neo-shamanism, teaching, large-scale art, project management, and personal transformation.

The project creates positive, powerful, personal change for everyone who has gotten involved. Our society lacks opportunities for visceral mystical experiences that don't require drugs or years of study, and we don't always remember to celebrate our transformational experiences. We also have found that the local communities and schools don't have a lot of contact with interactive art, so this will fill a real and present need.

The project will be open to the public and self-guided. The opportunity to use it as a resource for workshops, of course, exists, but we wanted to create something that people could access when they need to and when they want to. When people process their experience in the after-care area, whether through art or words, they will be adding to the richness of the project, and others will benefit from those who came before them.