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Garnets grow in a large range of colors, and have a rich history tying them to ancient times. While they all have good grounding abilities, they will vary in their other properties depending upon individual coloration.

Probably the best known variety is a pomegranate red called Almandine Garnet. It is wonderful for enhancing stamina, and giving support and vitality to the base chakra. This stone will also support the heart and give realistic vision to one’s dreams.

Green Grossular Garnets, including Tsavorite Garnets, derive their name from the Latin word for gooseberries. Grossular Garnets are found as a medium green rhombic formed crystals and relate to the 4th chakra. This grouping grounds abundance into what you creatively manifest through your dreams. When using these stones don’t allow limitation to enter your thoughts, in artistic, emotional, health or work related endeavors. Use these stones to open your heart to plant seeds of prosperity and abundance in all that you do.

Spessartine Garnets support the 2nd and 3rd chakras. They are found in a medium orange range to clear ruby reds. Working with its ability to manifest realities, Spessartine Garnets can clear the auric field of disharmonious energies and imbalances. Working with 2nd chakra, the redder Spessartine Garnets will support your feelings to hold a true emotional authenticity. The orange variety helps keep thoughts clear from unwanted limitations and doubt.

Black Andradite Garnet, found in Mexico and Greenland is a powerful grounding stone. Without limitations, it holds magic and helps ignite Earth plane mysteries. Use this stone when engaging the elementals in any Earth magic ceremonies or when tapping into the collective consciousness for support in community focused endeavors. (source: The Crystal Matrix)