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Hematite is a metamorphic mineral that balances the yin/yang energies, both the strength of the masculine and the ethereal essence of the feminine. It is usually identified by its high silver sheen.

Hematite is excellent in bridging the essence of spirit directly into earth’s denser frequencies. It stimulates the power of any innate, unseen creative energy. It can be used to strengthen the blood and circulatory system. Women can use Hematite during their menses to assist in promoting an easy flow. Useful for any blood ailment, it is especially helpful in strengthening the bloodstream from pollution and toxicity.

It will strengthen whatever chakra center it’s placed upon and it will connect the spirit into the physical body. Use it for grounding the light body into the soles of your feet. It can also build a reflector shield during times of psychic or physical attacks. Hematite will help you to realize that the only limitations in your life are those you set upon yourself. (source: The Crystal Matrix)