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Onyx is one of the traditional stones for grounding and for protection and should be in everyone’s healing bag, or set of healing tools. You can carry this stone in your pocket to keep your mind clear and your thoughts focused. It can also be used during times of stress and to assist in controlling high blood pressure due to stress or worry.

Because its low physical vibration strengthens and stabilizes, Onyx can be used to assist during childbirth. It can also be used to stabilize female problems and to balance out high emotions during monthly menses.

Onyx can be used to balance some of the higher vibration stones such as Moldavite, Danburite, Labradorite, and even Moonstone. When used in conjunction with Moonstone, it helps ground the Light Body into the physical for later activation at the proper time.

This is a dependable earth stone and helps you feel supported by mother Earth during transformational times such as we are experiencing now. Your emotional body feels soothed while your physical body feels harmonized using this stone.

Onyx is a Chalcedony, in the Agate family and has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. This stone is also used to connect into the planet at the Earth Chakra that connects humans to all earth relations and creatures. (source: The Crystal Matrix)