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Ruby, a corundum, is found in varying shades of red… from the most desirable as a clear, deep, blood raspberry red; to the more opaque Star Ruby cut as a domed cabochon and reflecting a six pointed flare effect, or star, on its surface. The most rare variety is a flawless deep red that is considered more valuable than a diamond.

Honored throughout history as the King and Queen of gems, it was considered the perfect wedding stone. Associated with love, marriage, balance and royalty, the ancient Egyptians also extolled this stone for beauty, love, physical protection and good fortune. In fact it was considered to be the greatest physical protector of all known gems. And, in Eastern legends, it was seen as a spiritual stone representing beauty of the soul.

Believed to contain the bloodline of humanity, Ruby often symbolized the sun. Its association with fire and heat gave the impression of a warmth giving stone… and its color is very much like our modern day infrared light. The Hindus believed it burned so deeply from within that it was even able to boil water, while the Greeks believed a carved Ruby could melt the wax when used for a wax impression seal. Rubies were also said to turn pale in color when its owner was in physical danger.

Today, it is still seen as a direct connection to the Creator and as a helper for locating the Creator within yourself. You can still use this stone in connecting with your creative potential and your possibilities for love and its creative flow. (source: The Crystal Matrix)